Top Procedures 2012 Plastic Surgery Annual Statistics Report

Top Procedures 2012 Plastic Surgery Annual Statistics Report

EXCITIrejuvenate-austin-limelight-ipl-photofacialNG NEWS! Statistics are showing that our economy is improving! With an improved economic state, we are seeing a rise in plastic surgery. You are probably wondering what procedures are on the rise and what ones you should look into. Based on statistics prepared by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, we can definitely tell you what procedures are becoming more and more popular. On a year-to-year basis, plastic surgery rates increase steadily by about 5%, and have recently boomed by 98% since 2000.Although breast augmentation still ranks #1 as the most popularsurgery, facial procedures ultimately saw the most growth in 2012. IPL (intense pulsated light) treatments topped the facial procedure list with a10% increase. IPL treatments are intended to treat red and brown spots that are caused by both aging and sun damage. So many people are trending toward the use of IPL treatments because they have little to no down time, are overall inexpensive, and typically results are seen within only three treatments. Here is an example of what to expect from an IPL treatment series: 


Based on the above statistics, microdermabrasion treatments and Botox are also on the rise. As society becomes more and more accepting of these types of treatments and procedures, we are just going to see more patients taking part in the anti-aging world of plastic surgery. We know we can’t turn back the clock completely, but we can definitely help patients age more gracefully.

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