Stem Cell Facelifts : The Debate Continues

Stem Cell Facelifts : The Debate Continues


stemcell-faceliftAt The Image Center, we feel knowledge is power. An article written in the New York Times struck a cord with us. There is a lot of buzz about the “stem cell” facelift lately, but not a lot of people really know what it is, what it’s benefits are, and what to be leery of. It is our mission to keep all of our valued patients informed and educated on the latest plastic surgery topics.

“To cut or not to cut, that is the question.” The reality is, we live in a society where looks do matter. We are a society that is becoming more and more concerned about anti-aging. Anti-aging can range anywhere from medical grade skincare regimens to surgery such as facelifts and everything in between. At this point, we have found that a facelift, performed correctly and by a skilled surgeon, will render the best result. A facelift involves incisions, sutures, staples, a six hour procedure and about a ten day down time. It is no wonder that people are looking for something with less downtime and less surgery; is this the right approach though? This is where the idea of the “stem cell” facelift comes into play.

What many surgeons are marketing as the “stem cell” facelift is merely transferring fat (via liposuction) from one area of the body and injecting it in to the hollow areas of the face (cheeks, under eyes, etc.). This procedure has been around for over ten years, so why is it so popular now? MARKETING! Research has shown that there are some (some being the key word) traces of stem cells found in the fat being transferred, so surgeons have now decided to market “fat transfers” as “stem cell” facelifts. There is one problem; no one really knows how many stem cells are being transferred or how viable they are once transferred from different parts of the body into the face.

With all of this being said, fat transfers a.k.a “stem cell” treatments, combined with traditional facelifts can be extremely beneficial. Stem cells are referred to as “undifferentiated cells,” meaning that they are like a biological blank slate that can act as skin cells, fat cells, or even muscle cells. By injecting these undifferentiated cells during a facelift procedure, it is going to help regenerate the tissue and make the facelift even more effective. At this point, we aren’t sure if purely injecting fat alone will give people the lift or tightening they are looking for; don’t get us wrong, it will make some improvement, although it can not be compared to the traditional facelift. Don’t let marketing get the best of you or your wallet. At The Image Center, Dr. Newen continues to do research in the field of stem cells and advanced plastic surgery procedures in order to offer his patients the best results with the best value.

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