Plastic Surgery | Wrinkle Promises: Facts or Fiction

Plastic Surgery | Wrinkle Promises: Facts or Fiction


Plastic surgery results are not results cosmetic companies should claim with their products.Cosmetic companies continue to market heavily and devote much effort to attract the baby boomer population with big promises to reduce and/or eliminate fine lines and wrinkles. The promises are grandiose, but there are patients who are willing to try the products usually before plastic surgery. According to a recent Orange County Register blog post, a consumer watchdog group is pressuring Neutrogena to ease up on its “unsupported” plastic surgery claim that the company’s Rapid Wrinkle Repair can noticeably and significantly reduce or eliminate wrinkles in “just one week.”Most would believe that these better than plastic surgery  results should make anyone question the claim, but when you  include the short time frame of just one week that appears to be virtually a miracle.

Plastic Surgery Results Are Not In a Bottle

Neutrogena states their claims were derived from results that were conclusions of “well-designed and controlled studies and that the testing covered 90 percent of competing anti-aging products that contain retinol.” This vague supporting data apparently is enough to make the claim. Plastic surgery results are clearly explained to patients and in responsible hands realistic expectations are set.

Dr. Newen explains to his patients that most of the over-the-counter anti-wrinkle creams will not cause harm to the skin, but the only reducing evidence that can be credited to them is reducing the available dollars in your wallet. Plastic surgery will always have better longer lasting results.

Plastic Surgery at Image Plastic Surgery

For all patients aging eventually comes with loose and lax skin and wrinkles. While fillers will add volume beneath the skin surface so that wrinkles do not appear as visible ,they too are temporary solutions. Many patients realize that after unsuccessful attempts with creams and over-the-counter skin care products, ultimately the best long-term solution for anti-aging is plastic surgery. Viable solutions include a facelift, brow lift, and blepharoplasty. Plastic surgery is only part of the equation for the best anti-aging programs. Newen Wellness offers nutritional programs as well as medical grade skin care products and treatments to combat the signs of aging. Dr. Newen believes in the value of surgical facial rejuvenation, medical grade skin care products and healthy lifestyle habits continually being the pillars in anti-aging.

“Building a beneficial, personalized skincare regimen is often the simplest and most noticeable change a person can make to achieve a youthful glow”, says Julianne Trinh, a nurse practitioner at Image Plastic Surgery in Huntington Beach. “I am a strong believer in the benefits of a Vitamin-C, retinol and sun protection on a daily basis. We love introducing patients to the best products for their skin, as well as educating them on the individual benefits of each product we recommend. Knowing that our direction has been a part of our patients complexion improvements is one of the most rewarding parts to our job.”


NewenSkin is an advanced medical grade skincare line that was developed by Dr. Newen to meet the needs of his patients. The products provide the very best in antiaging ingredients and are backed by years of clinical studies. It is available for retail at Image Plastic Surgery and at

For more information about how we can help you improve your complexion, please call us at 714-230-2430 for a consultation.

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