Men's True Breast Size Preference – Is Bigger Really Better?

Men's True Breast Size Preference – Is Bigger Really Better?


When it comes to sexual attraction, the topic of men’s preference about a women’s breast size often comes up and is controversial. There are those who argue that women should be happy with what they are born with and not change their bodies for the sake of pleasing others. On the other hand, there are also those who argue that women should not be judged if they want to change their body to make themselves more desirable to the opposite sex. As a plastic surgeon, I have always advised women to make theirdecision regarding breast augmentationand breast implant size based on what they would like to see for themselves.I encourage patients not to make decisions based on others opinions. However, it is undeniable that for some women, the decision regarding breast size is influenced by the preference of their male companion.

In a study from the February 2013 issue of Archives of Sexual Behavior, researchers analyzed men’s preference on women’s breast size. The focus of the article was the male psychologic attitude toward women. However, the data that I found most interesting and relevant to my practice was what breast size men found most attractive. The data revealed that 32.7% of the men in the study found medium sized breasts to be attractive, 24.4% preferred large breasts, and 19.1% preferred very large breasts. In comparison, only 15.5% of the men in the study found small breasts to be attractive, and 8.3% preferred very small breasts. That means that an astounding 76% of men prefer breast sizes ranging from medium to very large, and only 23% of men favored small to very small breasts.

My patients often ask me if there is an optimal breast size. I always advise my patients to try on the various implant sizes to see what they feel comfortable with. In my practice, I believe first and foremost that the breast size should be ultimately the women’s decision and what she is comfortable with. However, I also recommend that if their spouse or boyfriend’s opinion is important, they should also include their significant other during the breast sizing consultation.

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Written by: Peter Newen, MD
Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

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