Dare to be Bare | Hair Removal

Dare to be Bare | Hair Removal

The natural look is very subjective. It has long been said that men prefer the natural look when it comes to women. But when you consider coloring, waxing, plucking, buffing, most men have no idea the hard work and effort necessary to look “natural.” According to a recent online article a new survey reported that 90% of men believe that their partners are natural beauties with less than a third believing that to be the case with their counterparts. One quarter of the women surveyed admitted to having at least one beauty secretthat their partner did not know about. About 23% said that nobody including her friends knew the extent that they went to achieve their looks. Waxing or bleaching the mustache was the top most confidential beauty secret.

The other list toppers included underarm hair, hairy legs, and gray roots. The research showed that not only do these beauty rituals help women to look their personal best but also shows that it could in fact be good for the relationship. Of the 87% of British men were polled, they all had no problem with their partner keeping some beauty rituals hidden. This view was supported by women representing the 70% who believed keeping the beauty secret from their partner was the key to a great relationship. Psychologist and psychotherapist Rachel Shattock Dawson said: ‘In an age where very little remains taboo, many women still prefer to keep some things private, believing that there’s a place for a little mystery and mystique even within their closest relationships.

The top 3 rituals women prefer to keep secret included waxing or bleaching a mustache (94%), waxing the bikini line (90%), and whitening the teeth(90%).

Keeping up your best appearance is a significant builder of self-esteem. The Spa and Newen Wellness are part of our state-of-the-art facility that offers an array of procedures to enhance and maintain your best appearance. Skincare Facials performed on a regular basis using medical grade skin care products can have a dramatic effect on not only the quality of the skin but also the reduction of facial hair. Laser hair removal is another option for women who prefer to have a more permanent solution to the growth of hair in unwanted places like the legs and underarms. Besides the state-of-the-art facility and warm staff, the beauty of receiving your treatments at The Image Center is that all treatments are performed in the privacy of a luxurious spa setting. Meaning, no one needs to know which enhancements and treatments you receive to maintain the most beautifully ‘natural’ you.

For more information on Laser Hair Removal  and Image Plastic Surgery visit ImageCenter.info or call (714) 230–2430.

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