Dr. Peter Newen Changes Lives in Vietnam

Dr. Peter Newen Changes Lives in Vietnam

cleftIn March, I traveled to Vietnam with Dr. Peter Newen. He was one of three plastic surgeons traveling on their own time and dime with the non-profit organization, Project Vietnam, based in Fountain Valley, Ca.

The mission of the surgical team was to perform cleft lip and palate surgery on some of the country’s poorest children. It would be the first time a military hospital in Ho Chi Minh City, would open its doors to American doctors. Continue reading

Pacifiers and Sippy Cups Cause Dental Injuries


Dental injuries are not something we think about when it comes to infants. According to a recent online article mouth injuries in infants are very common. Researchers have discovered that children who are learning to walk are at increased risk of dental injury from baby bottles, sippy cups and pacifiers. In an unprecedented move, they closely reviewed nationwide statistical data from the last 20 years and discovered that, on average, 2,270 injuries related to these products are treated in U.S. emergency rooms each year.  Continue reading

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