Plastic Surgery | Retouching in Magazines.. How Much is To Much?

Plastic Surgery | Retouching in Magazines.. How Much is To Much?

Plastic surgery and celebrities seem to go together especially in Southern California. Photoshop and other retouching software packages have come under heavy scrutiny in recent years specifically when they’re used to promote models in advertising.  According to recent article, the heavy criticism against advertisers who frequently Photoshop their models is becoming an increasing trend.According to the article important health organizations, like the American Medical Continue reading

Mariah Carey | Digital Enhancements or Plastic Surgery?

Celebrities are constantly under the microscope when it comes to their appearance. A recent blog post in The Orange County Register took shots at Mariah Carey. Plastic surgery rumors are no surprise for Mariah Carey, but her recent promotional photo for American Idol sent the bloggers and rumor mill swirling. According to the article different sources allege that she lost 50 pounds with the click of a mouse. They point to her flawless skin and hourglass figure and Continue reading

Rhinoplasty | What a Patient Should Know

In this age of information overload most everyone knows that the term rhinoplasty refers to a surgical procedure of the nose. Some people refer to it as a ‘nose job ‘and it is one of the plastic surgery procedures that is most misunderstood. Rhinoplasty in general, is more challenging for patients to understand realistically what their expectations should be concerning the results. Rhinoplasty is not a simple procedure that any medical doctor can perform well. It is vital that plastic surgery procedure’s, including rhinoplasty, be performed Continue reading

Plastic Surgery | Choosing a Reputable Plastic Surgeon

Plastic surgery is a decision that requires research on many different levels. Plastic Surgery patients must first and foremost be sure they are choosing a plastic surgeon that is well established. According to a recent industry article, cosmetic surgeons with no permanent practice location are becoming the new drifters. According to one article only 21 of our states require licensing and/or accreditation of offices in which surgery is performed.  Doctors who do not meet this qualification simply drift to states in which Continue reading

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