Multilayer Contour Facelift – “The Best Facelift”

Multilayer Contour Facelift – “The Best Facelift”

It seems that it is somewhat ingrained in many patients that if you get a facelift, you have a very unnatural surgical look afterwards. The proliferation of magazines and internet sites that are devoted to revealing which celebrities have gone under the knife with unfavorable results contributes to this misguided perception.

Patients’ rationale for fearing facelifts appear reasonable – if a movie star, who is wealthy and has access to the best plastic surgeons in the Continue reading

The Ricki Lake Show Features Dr. Peter Newen

rickilakeDr. Peter Newen of Image Plastic Surgery at The Image Center was a special guest on The Ricki Lake Show in November 2012. The episode was called ‘Extreme Beauty’ and it highlighted beauty, plastic surgery, and cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Newen was one of the elite surgeons showcased on the episode and he discussed the Asian double eyelid surgery. Many thanks to our beautiful patient Ashley Seo for her participation, Ricki Lake, and the entire FOX broadcasting team! Watch Dr. Newen’s interview on The Ricki Lake Show.

Revision Asian Upper Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)

In my 15 years experience performing Asian upper eyelid surgery, also called blepharoplasty, I have seen a significant number of cases in which the procedure has not been performed appropriately.  This usually results in eyelids with one of the following scenarios:

1). Folds that are smaller completely hidden that are not in accordance with the patient’swishes (although some specifically request hidden or thin folds) Continue reading

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